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Who We Serve

UK regions and US states where DY provides its services

Dyke Yaxley assists UK businesses that are looking to enter and/or grow in the US, US businesses looking to enter and/or grow in the UK, US-UK dual citizens, UK individuals on short or long term assignment in the US, and US individuals on short or long term assignment in the UK.

Approximately 50% of our clients have been with the firm for more than five years. The majority of our clients came to the firm through referrals sent by satisfied clients and service provider referrals validating the quality of work, professionalism and service we provide. As accountants, referrals are the best compliment we can receive.

Dyke Yaxley experts understand that each UK and US jurisdiction have different regulations and expectations. And they know how to handle such matters appropriately. The map below shows the regions and states where the firm provides business and individual tax and advisory services for its clients.

Is your target region or state not filled in yet in the map below? Our team has the expertise you need for your tax issues and is ready to take your call.

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