UK Tax Resources

As tax rates and allowances constantly change, wide ranging tax planning opportunities arise. Therefore, making sure your plans are up-to-date is critical. The Dyke Yaxley authored guides listed below are designed to provide the latest information. If you have additional questions after reviewing these resources, please contact us.

Autumn Statement 2014 
Chancellor George Osborne delivered his final Autumn Statement of this Parliament amid ongoing economic uncertainty. The key indicators paint an unclear picture but the official update from the Office for Budget Responsibility was positive and the Chancellor said the UK was "on course to prosperity."

Budget 2014
Chancellor George Osborne reiterated the message that the economy is recovering 'faster than forecast' but that there are still additional necessary austerity measures that will be implemented. 

Financial planning and strategy guide 2014/15

An extensive review of financial planning and tax saving opportunities for 2014/15. 

Minimising capital taxes
A guide that includes capital gains tax and inheritance tax. 

Year end tax guide
This guide is for 2013/14 end of year tax planning, including information for business owners and personal finance issues. 

Tax efficient investments
The information in this fact sheet is necessarily of a general nature, and we strongly recommend that you consult with us before taking any action. 

Tax planning for business owners
Tax planning for business owners, including the choice of accounting date for sole traders and partnerships; what if you have more than one business; and extracting profits from a company. 

Tax rates and allowances
This information includes all the rates for the tax year 2012/13 and rates announced for 2013/14, as well as comparative rates and allowances for the previous tax year.

Offshore issues update
Includes going abroad to live and remittance basis. 

For a wealth of advice and information on aspects of VAT, including essential tips for VAT planning and how to survive the VAT inspector's visit, visit our VAT guides. 

Real Time Information and other PAYE and NI planning guides. 

IR35 centre
The term IR35 relates to legislation intended to apply a PAYE and NIC charge on earnings from a company or partnership which is termed an 'intermediary' by the rules. 

Tax and business calendar
Details of UK compliance and regulatory deadlines.

Budget archive
Historical information relating to previous Budget reports.