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At Dyke Yaxley, we don’t believe in just doing good work – we believe in doing exceptional work and creating long term relationships built on trust, loyalty and mutual respect. We believe in transparent fees, so when you partner with our specialists, you know that you are receiving value for your money. With us, you can feel confident that we will do what we say we are going to do, preventing any surprises from being thrown your way. 

After all, without happy clients, where would we be?

But just don’t take our word for it. Read below to see what some of our clients are saying about us.

To learn more about a few of the specific matters we've recently handled and how the outcomes have benefited our clients, check out our case studies.

Simply put, no one company is ever an island amongst themselves. It takes key strategic partnerships to realise success and build opportunities.

For LC Risq & Associates, an independent risk management consulting firm, Dyke Yaxley, LLC played a pivotal role in helping us align our strategic goals, with ensuring our multiple tax jurisdictions were fully compliant, and most importantly, reducing the tax and accounting stress and surprises we've sometimes felt in the past.

With a solid foundation of trust, Dyke Yaxley, LLC made it easy for us to understand the complexities of doing business in multiple countries, so we could focus on our business, and build a value-based consulting service in the UK.

Lita Cuen, CEO
LC Risq & Associates
Aberdeen, Scotland

Dyke Yaxley offers practical solutions to what can be some fairly complex tax matters as well as answering one-off questions. Regardless of the complexity of the task, it is always delivered in a timely manner without any hidden surprises. 

Chris Checkley, FCCA, Partner
Russell New
Steyning, UK

We have always found Dyke Yaxley to be very knowledgeable about the UK and US tax systems and its nuances, which has proven to be invaluable in the early years of our US expansion. They understand the importance of being clear about scope and fees up front. 

Jamie Hammond, Director
Adept Management Ltd
Coventry, UK
Carlsbad, California USA

I now live in the UK, and I am subject to both UK taxes and US taxes as a nonresident. Rob and the team at Dyke Yaxley have made my complicated tax situation straightforward and easy for me to understand. I feel that trust, knowledge, open communication and value for money are essential when it comes to tax planning. I receive all of this from the team at Dyke Yaxley. They provide a very responsive and professional service that is tailored to my needs. Their customer service is of the highest quality.

Rachel Makepeace
London, England

As an accounting firm, Dyke Yaxley is very easy to work with and do what they say they will do on a timely basis. They have always stressed that the relationship with the client is my relationship, but they are here to help however needed. They have always been true to their word, and neither my client nor I have had any surprises thrown at us - even given the complexity of the various tax issues with which we are dealing. 

Steven A. Million, CPA, Managing Partner
Million & Company, P.C.
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

I relocated to the US from the UK and brought with me a great deal of complexity around my personal tax situation, irrespective of the difficulties that exist already with cross-border taxation. The team at Dyke Yaxley has navigated me at every step of the way, keeping my US and UK returns in check, but more importantly, keeping me very aware of the cross-border tax implications. The team at Dyke Yaxley is both proactive and practical and gives me great confidence that I'm fulfilling my obligations.

Steven Webster
Greenbrae, California USA

After an unfortunate series of events with my personal and business accountants, with whom I had worked for 8 years, I transferred to DY on the advice of a friend who had also recently moved from the UK to the US. I needed calm, sane and experienced guidance in navigating the complexities of ex pat tax law. Our first UK filing since landing back in the UK has been painless, and I have high hopes as we move into the US federal and California filings.

London, England and San Francisco, California

Rob and his team have a great grasp of UK and US tax laws. In an area of great financial complexity, they help to make things very simple for the client. I would recommend Rob and his team to anybody from the UK who is working in the US and needs advice on financial matters. 

David Kerr
Edinburgh, UK

For over four years, Rob Whittall of Dyke Yaxley has prepared my US tax returns during a complicated tax period when I was on an expatriate assignment with my company. His expert opinion and detailed knowledge of both US and overseas tax law has ensured that my tax returns have been completed both accurately and fully compliant with US tax law requirements, as well as being submitted on a timely basis. I would be happy to recommend Rob to anyone looking for an expert tax consultant and partner to assist with their tax affairs.

Adrian Coombes
Waxhaw, North Carolina USA

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