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               Robert E. Whittall
               Ian Brander
               Louise Clayton-Kastenholz
               Martin Dulellari
               Julie Koschik
               David Qiu
               Erika Rice
               Laura Riley
               Joe Soltesz
               Tatiana Ten
               Christina A. Woskobojnik
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          VAT Tax Planning & Compliance
     News and Events
               Woskbojnik joins DY
               Qiu joins DY
               Whittall named president of BACC Ohio
               Ian Brander Achieves ATT Certification
               DY Welcomes Travis Spees
               Julie Koschik Joins DY
               Tatiana Ten Joins DY
               Sales Tax Amnesty Program
               Woskobojnik Passes IRS Exam
               Koschik Earns National Social Security Advisor Certification
               Martin Dulellari Joins DY
               Woskbojnik named Trustee of Loxley Purse Board of Directors
               Soltesz Joins DY
               Laura Riley Joins DY USA
               Fox and Jones Join DY
               Dyke Yaxley Welcomes Industry Veteran Louise Clayton-Kastenholz
               Erika Rice Joins Dyke Yaxley
               Is the FBAR Filing Something I Need to Worry About?
               Dyke Yaxley LLC Celebrates 10 Years of Providing UK/US Tax and Business Advisory Services to Clients
               Demysfying the European VAT: Part 2
               Demysfying the European VAT: Part 1
               FBAR/FATCA Update
               Doing Business in the US Market
               2013 UK Budget Review
               International Tax Issues
               International Tax Form Compliance
               Discover the Keys to Managing US Customs...
               DY Volunteers at Food Bbank
               Fundamentals for Success in the US Market: A Practical Guide to Success
               International Tax for Businesses and Individuals
               Meet the Expert
               September volunteer events
               Gateway to the US
               Managing Healthcare Benefits Amidst Reform
               Understanding HC Benefits Plans - Part 1
               Understanding HC Benefits Plans - Part 2
               2017 U.S. Employment Law Essentials
               Sales Tax 101 for Businesses Operating in the US
               Ins and Outs of U.S. Payroll Requirements
               DY Volunteers at the Cleveland Food Bank
               Understanding Retirement Plan Options
               Major Tax Legislation Changes That Impact Your Business and YOU
               BABC May 2018 program
               BABC June panel
               BABCÂ’s 2018 Annual Transatlantic Conference
               DY Accounting Staff Head Stateside for Working Trip
               Dyke Yaxley USA Helps Beautify British Cultural Gardens
               Caring for the Community and Those in Need
               How to Do Business in the U.S. From the UK. Advice for Recruitment Companies
               How to Navigate the U.S. Tax System
               Employee Appreciation Day 2021
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