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Business Tax Planning & Compliance in the US
Business Tax Planning & Compliance in the UK


Personal Tax Planning & Compliance in the US
Personal Tax Planning & Compliance in the UK


Our team at Dyke Yaxley is uniquely positioned to help your business enter and grow in both the UK or US marketplaces. Our professionals reside in the UK and the US, so we understand the intricacies specific to doing business on both sides of the Atlantic and interact with national agencies on a regular basis. 

Helping your business grow

If you are looking to expand your business to the UK or US marketplace, we have the expertise required to advise you on how to structure your business operations in the most tax and business efficient manner. We provide US international tax planning and tax advice to US companies entering other international markets. With technical professionals licensed, most with advanced accreditations, and residing in both the UK and the US, we are uniquely qualified to help your team navigate the challenges that arise from learning and operating in multiple tax jurisdictions.

At Dyke Yaxley, we have a broad and deep understanding of the UK-US Income Tax Treaty and how it impacts your business’ ultimate tax liability in each jurisdiction. In addition, we prepare US international tax filings for US companies doing business in any overseas jurisdiction.

Your taxes don’t need to be taxing

What are the implications of dual residency? How can I minimize my tax liability? How do I keep my taxes current? Dyke Yaxley has extensive experience in tax planning and tax compliance for employees relocating to other jurisdictions for short or long term assignments. Our professionals simplify your tax issues to help you better understand them and to alleviate any apprehension or concerns you may have.

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