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Demysfying the European VAT: Part 1

"Demysfying the European Value‐Added Tax (VAT), Part 1: VAT on Goods." A two‐part webinar series hosted by NEOTEC and Dyke Yaxley.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

1:00-2:00pm EST

You’re probably aware that U.S. products must pay Value‐Added Tax when they are imported into the European Union. But did you know that in most cases, VAT is NOT a cost that must be added to the price your international customers pay for your product?

Join Rob Whittall and Tony Elliott from Dyke Yaxley as they present this webinar series to provide an overview of the European VAT system, how VAT is applied and how your customers can generally recover it— YES, RECOVER IT—and avoid its impact on the cost of the product or service you supply. Par􀆟cipa􀆟on will provide you with tools you can use to understand whether VAT applies to your exports, how it impacts your customers’ business, and how to comply with European sales tax requirements.

Part 1 – VAT on Goods

  • Differences between the European Value Added Tax (VAT) and the US Sales Tax system for goods 
  • Customs Duty and import VAT. Who pays?
  • DDP, DAT and DAP terms of sale. Do Incoterms® matter?
  • VAT reimbursement. Who is eligible?
  • Do US exporters need to charge or collect VAT?
  • Can a US exporter sell directly to an EU consumer?
  • Should US companies register for VAT? When? How?

Webinar Registration Fee: $75 each

Part 1 and 2: $120

See the attached flyer for additional details.

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