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At Dyke Yaxley LLC, we are uniquely positioned to understand the opportunities, challenges and rising costs facing companies with international operations, as well as the complexity of planning and preparing taxes for individuals living and working abroad. With offices on both sides of the Atlantic, located in the UK and the US, our team of experienced professionals specialise in international tax planning and compliance.

Providing confidence & trust to business and individuals.

We don't just prepare your taxes. Instead, we begin our relationships with a strategic planning approach to put you in the best possible tax position for both the short and long term, while considering your specific situation holistically and offering practical solutions.

Please call us at (216) 470-5633.

Whether you're a UK or US expatriate, a dual citizen or owner of a small or midsize business, you can count on our commitment to providing an exceptional level of responsive and personal client service, pragmatic advice and a "no surprises" approach to fees. See how talent combined with exceptional work and the personal touch create a great organization.

Looking for a trusted tax and business advisory partner with offices on both sides of the Atlantic?

With offices located in both the US and UK, Dyke Yaxley provides the scope of expertise needed to assist UK businesses looking to enter and/or grow in the US and counsels US businesses looking to enter and/or grow in the UK. DY also offers personal tax services focused on UK-US dual citizens, and UK or US individuals on short- or long-term assignments. We've got your tax and advisory needs covered.


The US requires all US citizens to file their annual return based on a calendar year. The only way to avoid this is to rescind your US citizenship. Learn More...
Generally not. In addition to the treaty provisions determining which government has the first right to tax certain kinds of income, there also is relief in the form of foreign tax credits, and the foreign earned income exclusion. Tax credits are limited to the amount of tax that would have been paid on the income in the country giving the credit, so you end up paying the higher rate of tax, but not duplicating. Careful planning is helpful to be sure that the timing of payments keeps you from being out of pocket too long. Learn More...
The federal government, which is the umbrella that unites the 50 individual states, currently has a rate of 21% of taxable profit. Depending on the state(s) in which you operate this rate become effectively higher when applying their taxation rules. Learn more...
We can't give UK investment advice, but we can let you know some of the tax consequences of certain types of investments. The US does not accept the tax free wrappers that are popular in the UK, so your ISA account is subject to US tax. There is also the US concept of a PFIC (passive foreign investment company) which covers pretty well all of the available investments for most stocks and shares ISA accounts. PFICs give rise to extra disclosure requirements and are taxed in a much more punitive way. Learn More...
There is not a wrong or right answer to this question. After performing due diligence regarding your business and client base, it is best to seek the advice of a solicitor and accountant to discuss your options as they pertain to each state's liability and taxation responsibilities. Learn More...

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