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Corporate Social Responsibility

When Dyke Yaxley uses the term Corporate Social Responsibility, we mean our responsibility to understand and manage the impact of our business activities on the community and the environment in which we operate. We believe being a good business is about more than just a strong reputation in the business world - it is about having the respect of the public.

In order to guarantee that Dyke Yaxley is always moving forward, we review our Corporate Social Responsibilities on an annual basis. We measure our activities and results against our objectives so that we can identify areas for improvement and, where necessary, adapt and make the required changes.

The significant areas identified as important to Dyke Yaxley under our Corporate Social Responsibility are the impact we have on:

The Market Place

Our reputation is built on quality, integrity and trust for all the services we provide. The relationships we have with our clients, stakeholders and suppliers are crucial to the success of Dyke Yaxley. We ensure that our people know their roles in delivering exceptional client service and are trained to the highest standards of technical expertise and client care.

In our dealings, we aim to exceed the normal regulatory standards by which we are required to operate.

The Environment

Dyke Yaxley promotes environmental awareness throughout the firm where everyone is encouraged to consider their impact on the environment when performing their duties.

Ideas and suggestions on how to lessen their impact on the environment are encouraged through a variety of channels and, where appropriate, implemented to meet our ever increasing responsibilities in this area.

The Workplace

Our people are our most valuable resource, and at Dyke Yaxley, we promote fairness and equal opportunity, as well as a happy and healthy corporate culture that includes a positive work-life balance. In addition, we strongly encourage our team to take part in training and development programs to continually stay up-to-date with the most current accounting practices.

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