About DY

With offices located in both the US and UK, Dyke Yaxley provides business tax and advisory services to assist UK businesses looking to enter and/or grow in the US and counsels US businesses looking to enter and/or grow in the UK. Dyke Yaxley also offers personal tax services that focus on advising US-UK dual citizens, UK individuals on short or long term assignment in the US, and US individuals on short or long term assignment in the UK.  

The firm also frequently partners with US and UK accounting firms looking to provide their clients with an added level of US-UK cross-border expertise. Our professionals provide a unique specialisation and the highest level of client service possible, as an extension of the referring accounting firm’s team, without the worry of encroaching on those client relationships.

Dyke Yaxley is uniquely qualified as a trusted business advisor on both sides of the Atlantic, addressing clients’ current and foreseeable tax requirements and issues.

  • Dyke Yaxley's mission is "Client First." We aim to build on our strong reputation of quality, integrity and trust for all the services we provide. Building long-term and close links with our clients really matters to us - we want them to see us as an extension of their team and to their business.
  • At Dyke Yaxley, we are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations for providing superior client service and work product in a timely manner.
  • We believe in transparent fees, so when you partner with our specialists, you know that you truly are receiving value for your money.
  • Dyke Yaxley's success is driven by achieving results for our clients - not based on the number of hours billed or time spent in the office. Our focus is on completing projects within set deadlines and making sure the client is pleased with the outcome. Our entrepreneurial culture and commitment to client service motivate each of our professionals to excel and do what's best for the client...not for themself.
  • Our team of more than 70 highly experienced and accredited professionals in the UK and US offer practical solutions to complex international tax planning and compliance matters.
  • Our team-oriented culture and retention of highly qualified professionals give us the in-house resources and understanding of both sides of the picture when it comes to the UK and US tax requirements and national agencies.
  • Our focus on corporate social responsibility and being an accountable, conscientious organisation are engrained in our daily operations and interactions.
  • We conduct ongoing client interviews to gather feedback on completed projects and client service level and to identify areas of satisfaction and improvement.
  • The fact that most of our business is generated through client and service provider referrals validates the quality of work and service we provide. As accountants, referrals are the best compliment we can receive. And for that, we are honored.

Rob Whittall, managing partner, is dual qualified to practice in both the US as a Certified Public Accountant and in the UK as a Chartered Accountant. He splits his time between both countries, advising and visiting clients on both sides of the Atlantic.

Whether your business is expanding internationally or you are an expatriate or dual citizen, you can count on our specialists helping you navigate through ever-changing, complex tax requirements in a timely manner and with your business’ overall operations and goals, or personal situation and goals, in mind.