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Why DY?

At Dyke Yaxley, we truly believe in and operate on the premise that our people are our greatest assets. 

Our people believe in doing exceptional work within a team oriented environment that allows us to collaboratively help clients, while balancing life outside the office. We are proud of the client relationships we've developed and maintained over the years and know that we couldn't be successful without the dedication and contributions of the professionals who are part of the Dyke Yaxley team...the Dyke Yaxley family.

Below are comments from several of our team members describing what attracted them to Dyke Yaxley and why they are proud to be associated with the firm.

Four years ago I had the opportunity to learn about Dyke Yaxley and Rob’s vision of this US public accounting subsidiary.  With much reservation I agreed to hear Rob out and start to think about a new way of managing a public accounting practice. The first 10 years of my career had been spent trying to climb the corporate ladder, keep chargeable hours high but also collectible, train staff accountants and interns, stay up to date on technical reading, network for new business and generally keep the partners, staff and clients of my prior mid-sized regional accounting firm happy all at the same time. I swore to myself and my family that I would NEVER, EVER go back into public accounting after that.   

This is what makes DY different: 

  • Fixed fees for clients – We explain in detail what services will be provided up front and agree to a fee upfront. Therefore timesheets are not used for billing purposes, monthly billing happens automatically and this is not a monthly administrative burden.
  • Production – At DY we focus on the work you get done not the hours you work. No padding time sheets/no sticking around for office face time. If your production goals are met for the day or week or month you can feel assured all is well as this is how we measure the firm and each other.
  • Flexibility - Since production is the gold standard, it doesn’t matter where or when you work as long as your work is completed; Home office or corporate office, US or UK, Cleveland or Columbus, 4 days or 5 days a week. We have been working in this flexible arrangement since our beginning.  Before COVID forced this on all companies, we have been at this and improving these arrangements for years.
  • Business Development/Marketing – Our service is selling itself and new business is coming in regularly. No Networking Needed. 
  • Flattening the deadline curve – We strive to spread our work evenly though the year and avoid the deadline crunches. With many fiscal year end filers we have returns filed every month. 

After I learned about these improvements and what made DY different, I realized that what I was left with in joining DY was the “good stuff." I work with our clients as they decide to enter the US and coach them through the startup process. I strive to be efficient in my work and tax return process. I build relationships with our clients and am learning a new niche of international tax reporting and compliance. Once I got to this point, it was easy to see that I was ready to make the jump back into public accounting by joining DY.

Four years after making the move, I couldn’t be more pleased with my decision. I strongly encourage qualified professionals looking for a similar kind of transition to apply and start a conversation.    ~ Julie Koschik

Coming to work for DY was a complete career “jump” for me.  I have enjoyed the challenge of learning new things, having the opportunity to travel internationally to work with our UK clients, and collaborating with a team of knowledgeable team-oriented colleagues on two continents who are always willing to pitch in to achieve the best results for our clients. I also appreciate the flexibility of the work schedule, never having to worry about taking time for personal obligations.   ~ Christy Woskobojnik

I have been with the company since it started, so am lucky to have seen the growth within the organization. The initial aspects of my role here at DY were daunting at first; however, with the support I received from my colleagues, I have been able to grow as a professional and take my career to the next level. The challenges faced by our clients and the unique situations they are in are what I most enjoy about DY as it gives me the opportunity to use my problem solving skills. We work hard for our clients to achieve the best results and that is what is most rewarding to me.   ~ Ian Brander

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