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Caring for the Community and Those in Need

Although the Dyke Yaxley team isn't on the frontlines helping those affected by Covid-19, we wanted to find a way to support individuals and families in need of assistance. As a firm, we agreed to make a donation of $25 per US-based return and £20 per UK-based return completed in May and June. As a result of our collective teamwork, 98 individual UK and US returns were completed! The Dyke Yaxley team would like to thank our clients for their cooperation in helping us achieve that goal!

We were able to make a donation of $1,125 (45 returns) to the Cleveland Food Bank and £1,160 (53 returns) to the Shrewsbury Food Bank. To put this into perspective, our donations will provide nutritious meals to approximately 5,000 individuals in Cleveland and the equivalent of two weeks of food and household items for 23 families of 4 in Shrewsbury.

                                          Greater Cleveland Food Bank        Shrewsbury Foodbank.jpg

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