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Business Tax Services in the UK

Dyke Yaxley has extensive experience addressing the multitude of challenges that arise from learning and operating in multiple tax jurisdictions as your business enters and grows in the UK marketplace. We have the expertise to advise you on how to structure your business operations in the most tax and business efficient manner.

While your current US accountant understands US state and local taxes, permanent establishment versus state tax nexus, US health insurance and employment at will, are they knowledgeable about UK VAT requirements, Companies House statutory filing requirements, National Insurance, maximum weekly work limits for UK employees and many other UK tax and business nuances? Do you have a network of US service providers you can turn to should the need arise? Dyke Yaxley can work with your existing accountants and service providers to bridge the gap for your expansion into the UK marketplace, addressing the questions above and much more.

Business Tax Planning

Helping your business grow

Our team understands the different business entities in both jurisdictions; how they are taxed; and the tax implications of repatriating profits from the subsidiary back to the parent company and the ultimate shareholders. In effect, we act as business translators to best position your expansion into the UK.

  • We can help structure your business operations in the UK, so that profits can be repatriated back to the US in a tax efficient manner through the means of management fees, royalties, interest payments and more.

  • We can work with your immigration attorneys to ensure that immigration and tax planning are connected.

  • We are able to introduce you to a network of service providers in the UK.

Business Tax Compliance

Reducing the cost and burden of compliance

Once your business is set up in the UK, our team is able to provide tax compliance services.

  • We provide assistance with monthly, quarterly or annual Value Added Tax requirements.

  • We advise you on Companies House statutory reporting requirements and assist in the required filings.

  • We counsel you on transfer pricing rules and help you understand how the UK and US rules tie into each other.

In addition to assisting your business with your tax compliance needs, we can educate you on the business nuances found in the UK that differ from the US, including employment contracts, National Insurance, the UK socialized healthcare system and much more.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Simplifying the complicated

Our VAT specialists have extensive experience in dealing with VAT from the tax authorities’ perspective, as well as from the private practice point of view. In addition, we can help you understand and comply with the VAT rules when you are entering the international market arena.

For business planning purposes, we can advise you on when you would have a VAT registration requirement in the UK, and when it comes time to prepare your online VAT returns, we can handle that for you too. Our professionals can help you understand the Distance Selling Regulations. In addition, we provide business advice to our UK clients providing services or selling products on an international basis.

How We've Helped Our Clients
Case Studies

Em-Power engages Dyke Yaxley to address its multi-national accounting and tax needs.  Em-Power was established as an S-corporation in the US in 1994. As the company continued to grow and expand its programs globally, it was incorporated in the UK in 2004. Shortly thereafter, it became apparent that there was a need to work with one tax professional who understood the individual and business tax regulations and reporting requirement for doing business in both the UK and US. Read more...

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