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Business Tax Services in the US

Dyke Yaxley has the experience, knowledge and resources necessary to advise your company on how to structure its business operations in the most tax and business efficient way as you look to enter the US market for the first time. Our professionals in the UK and US understand the intricacies of both tax systems as well as what it takes to help support your business' future growth. 

We are certain that your existing UK accountants understand VAT, Companies House statutory filing requirements, National Insurance, maximum weekly work limits for employees and many other tax and business nuances found in the UK. You also likely have a network of UK service providers you can rely on should the need arise. But are your accountants knowledgeable about topics like the US state and county sales taxes, permanent establishment versus state tax nexus, health insurance in the US, and employment at will? These are only a few of the important considerations to keep in mind when doing business in the US. Dyke Yaxley can work with your existing accountants and service providers to bridge the gap for your expansion into the US marketplace.

Business Tax Planning

Helping your business grow

Our team understands the different business entities in both jurisdictions; how they are taxed; and the tax implications of repatriating profits from the subsidiary back to the parent company and the ultimate shareholders. In effect, we act as business translators to best position your expansion into the US.

  • We can help structure your business operations in the US so that profits can be repatriated back to the UK in a tax efficient manner through the means of management fees, royalties, interest payments and more.

  • We can work with your immigration solicitors to ensure that immigration and tax planning tie together.

  • We are able to introduce you to a reputable and reliable network of service providers throughout the US.

Business Tax Compliance
Reducing the cost and burden of compliance

Once your business is established in the US, our team is able to provide you with tax compliance services.

  • We assist you with annual tax compliance filings at both the federal and state level.

  • We are able to provide advice on state sales, property, income and franchise tax issues.

  • We can advise you on transfer pricing rules and help you understand how the UK and US rules tie into each other.

In addition to assisting your business with your tax compliance needs, we can provide you with an understanding of the business nuances found in the US that differ from the UK, including employment at will, Social Security, changes in the US healthcare system and much more.

Important Considerations When Doing Business in the US

How much do you know about doing business in the US? Are you knowledgeable about state and county sales taxes or the importance of registering your business with the state? Do you know at what activity level your business is considered a permanent establishment, thereby causing your business to incur a tax liability at the federal level? Do you understand employment at will, social security taxes, the changes to the US healthcare system and the many other differences between doing business in the US and UK?

How We've Helped Our Clients 


“Adept Management Ltd decided to move into the US market in 2009, and as such, we required the services of someone that understood the challenges of starting up a new business and who could help us get up and running quickly and efficiently. Rob and the team at Dyke Yaxley have helped us with our expansion from the start, and being dual-qualified, Rob was able to meet with myself and our UK accountant to explain the US tax and business challenges that we needed to overcome. His knowledge and experience helped us understand how the US tax system interacted with the UK tax system. He was able to point out the similarities and differences early, so that we did not have to learn the hard way. Rob assisted us with the tax planning for employees that were relocating to the US, and crucially he helped us to structure things in a manner that meant that our employees were able to continue to pay into the UK system.”

Jamie Hammond, Director, Adept Management Ltd.   Coventry, UK | Carlsbad, California USA

Case Studies

UK-based XJTAG partners with Dyke Yaxley to achieve a smooth transition as it opens its first US office XJTAG is a world leading supplier of IEEE Std. 1149.x compliant boundary scan tools, which focuses on innovative product development and high quality technical support. The company works closely with over 50 experienced and professional distributors and technology partners across the globe. Based in Cambridge, XJTAG recently opened its new American headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, to help support its expansion in the US.  Read more...

UK company, CRFS, launches its Virginia base to better support its North American market with the help of Dyke Yaxley. CRFS had forged strong links with many American companies from its headquarters in the UK. In light of this, the company made the decision to establish a permanent US location in order to better support its partners and end-users in the States. Read more...

HT2 manages its global effective tax rate to 20% and optimizes its business position thanks to Dyke Yaxley. With approximately 50% of the world’s demand for online learning originating in the US and HT2’s customer base continuing to grow, the Company identified a need to incorporate its business in the US. Read more...

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