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Major Tax Legislation Changes That Impact Your Business and YOU

Major Tax Legislation Changes That Impact Your Business and YOU - Business Focus and Individual Focus

3:00pm - 4:00pm GMT / 10:00am-11:00am EDT 

A major tax bill, signed at the end of 2017 with most of the revisions going into effect in 2018, has created new legislation with significant changes to the US tax statute and includes implications for both businesses and individuals.

Join members of the 
Dyke Yaxley team as they provide an overview of each topic - Business topics on March 13 and individual topics on March 20 - including:
• How do these provisions affect your business?
• How do these provisions impact US citizens or US tax residents?

Some examples to consider…
• C-corporate rate is slashed to a flat 21%
• Major changes re taxation of S-Corps, partnerships and LLCs

• Tax rates are reduced but at the same time less deductions are allowed
• Unexpected tax liability for US citizens owning overseas companies

Applying her 20 years of practice serving US entrepreneurs, Julie Koschik offers clients a wide range of knowledge in a vast scope of technical matters. She has assisted clients through the life cycle of their businesses from startup stages, growth and wind down, and is well versed in collaborating with businesses of all sizes and levels of ownership from sole proprietors to large investment partnerships.

With her broad experience working in international tax, Raizy Margolin truly understands the complexities associated with cross-border taxation and provides clients with in-depth guidance and solutions to address their tax needs. She specializes in the multitude of issues unique to US citizens living and working abroad and foreign nationals travelling and working in the US.

Rob Whittall applies a unique cross-border perspective as he understands first-hand the differences between US and UK tax laws, the underlying cultural nuances, and how to approach each issue from a holistic operational and financial management perspective.

To hear a recording of the March 13 business program, click here

To hear a recording of the March 20 individual program, click here.

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