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Dyke Yaxley LLC Celebrates 10 Years of Providing UK/US Tax and Business Advisory Services to Clients


Dyke Yaxley LLC (“DY USA”), an accountancy firm specialising in providing UK/US tax and business advisory services to clients in the UK and US, is proud to celebrate its 10 year anniversary on May 1, 2021. DY USA represents businesses throughout the UK who are expanding to the US as well individual clients who have US and/or UK tax responsibilities.  

DY USA is grateful for its clients and network of service providers who have placed their trust in the firm over the past decade. The firm also thanks its employees who make DY USA what it is today - a diverse, collegial group of talented professionals who exemplify the firm’s tenable core values of trust, transparency, keeping things simple in a complex world, tackling brutal truths head on, and always being better than yesterday. 

DY USA facts at a glance:
  • Founded on May 1, 2011 by Managing Partner Rob Whittall along with two subcontractors.
  • Business clients in 39 states, Individual clients in 26 states and clients in 11 of 12 UK regions.(See maps).
  • Strategically grown from two to 14 employees in the UK and US. This talented team exemplifies diversity within its roster, which spans demographic age groups and employment statuses, and includes nine females as well as team members representing six different countries. 
  • Average revenue increase of 25% annually over the past 10 years, primarily from referrals from satisfied clients and referral service providers who can provide firsthand insight on the firm’s expertise and professionalism. 
“We are continually building on our core values of trust and transparency,” says Rob Whittall. “Our guiding principles are to keep things simple in a complex world, tackle brutal truths head on, and to always be better than yesterday. These fundamental tenets help us focus on delivering superior client experiences and taking pride as a team in what we do. For the past decade, we have addressed our clients’ needs from a technical and practical business perspective while understanding the issues they face as we deal with the same issues personally on a day-to-day basis.  We are honoured to work alongside the many clients who have placed their trust in us, and in many cases have become friends.”

The firm focuses on the foundational value and importance of a diverse, inclusive culture where everyone feels safe to share ideas. The firm has several programs in place that foster this type of environment and make it intertwined within the firm’s culture, despite being separated by continents, time zones and flexible work schedules. 

One key to creating an inclusive environment has been hiring of professionals who are from different backgrounds, open-minded and willing to learn about different cultures. DY USA has found tremendous value in the collaboration and ideation that has resulted by bringing together people with different perspectives. The firm is dedicated to maintaining a diverse, collegial culture that advocates a healthy work-life balance and providing ongoing opportunities for personal and professional improvement. 

The firm believes being a good business is about more than just having a strong reputation in the business world - it is about having the respect of the public and contributing our time, resources and charitable donations to organizations that help make the world a better place.

“My ultimate goal for the firm’s services is to develop the best UK/US niche tax practice, without having to be based in either New York or London, that is focused on owner managed businesses going from the UK to the US or vice versa and also UK/US individuals in the UK and US,” says Rob. “From an internal perspective, we are proud of the culture we have created, our commitment to continuous improvement, and the core values that guide us as a firm and as individuals We’re looking for like-minded professionals who would want to develop their career and find personal job satisfaction in an environment like DY USA. We are excited for the next 10 years and look forward to the journey ahead.”

About Dyke Yaxley LLC
Dyke Yaxley LLC is proud to celebrate 10 years of providing US/UK tax and business advisory services specializing in international tax planning and compliance to clients on both sides of the Atlantic. With offices on both sides of the Atlantic, located in the US and the UK, the firm is uniquely positioned to understand the opportunities, challenges and rising costs facing companies with international operations, as well as the complexity of planning and preparing taxes for individuals living and working abroad. 

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